Thursday, May 13, 2010

Playing Chicken with Kayak...And Losing...Badly

I have to go home in June for wedding, so I've been tracking fares on It's been all fun and games...up $11...down $6...up...down. Just tiny, kind of insignificant amounts that make it feel like Monopoly money. But then, shit gets real. Nothing feels worse than when you open up your daily alert (which you've been looking forward to these past few weeks) and you see that the ticket you've been waiting for just went up $200! Like an idiot, you freak out, switch the dates to get a lower fare and buy the ticket immediately. Phew. Right?

Wrong. Of course, the next day, you will no doubt get another alert letting you know that, "Hey! Had you been more of a risk taker, you could have saved $107 AND flown out on the date you really wanted to fly thus giving you a whole extra weekend to spend with your family who you haven't seen in almost a year! Oh yeah,'re totally going to miss Father's Day at home too."

Lesson learned. I will not be going to Vegas on my trip home.

Tokyo (NRT) to San Francisco (SFO), round trip
Friday, Jun 18 to Monday, Jun 28
$942$107 since yesterday
per person, economy, nonstop

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  1. Yuck!

    What airline are you flying? If you track it with Yapta we'll let you know if you're eligible for a refund if it drops... :P

  2. I was JUUUUST on Yapta setting it up to track! I'm flying United and they'll refund for price drops of $150 or more.

    Yapta kind of rules.