Monday, May 17, 2010

Frugal in the City

Sorry for the sort of Sex and the City title - I swear I'm not schilling for the new SATC2. Oh don't worry, I will be doing my womanly duty of seeing it because sadly, it is one of the better American releases coming to Japan. (Although, I just rented An Education on iTunes and loved it so much that I'm going to see it again in the theaters when my roommate comes back. How cute is Carrie Mulligan?!)

Ok, so wait...I was writing about something...oh yeah! Discounted food! It is my new obsession. Grocery stores in Japan keep their prepared foods pretty fresh. They're really good about knowing how many units to put out so that they don't sell out but also don't have a ton leftover. If you're lucky or really anal about saving a couple hundred yen (err sorry American friends...a couple bucks...or a quid for you Britons *yeah right Kim, no one in the UK reads your blog*) you can score some heavily discounted goods around 6pm. It's pretty good stuff too! The grocery store is really busy around this time and usually filled with sharp elbowed older women who take the discounted potato salad, edamame, sushi rolls and leftover lunch bentos etc. very seriously. I usually don't even bother with it in fear that I'll be run over by an oba-chan ("grandma" in Japanese).

So lately I've been getting into the game but instead of trolling my local grocery store, I set my eyes on the prize - Dean & Deluca. D&D is about an 8 minute walk from my work so this past week, I've been heading over to scout the goods. I've been pretty lucky! I haven't been in a mood to cook of late since the roomie is gone this week, so these 1-person meals have been a nice respite from my kitchen stress adventures. They're usually pretty healthy, a little fancy and also cheap. Win-win-win! Tonight, I got a grilled mediterranean salad for dinner plus cous cous salad and a brie and prosciutto sandwich for lunch tomorrow.

* Remember how cool Felicty and Ben Covington were for making friends with their adult boss Javier? Sorry, this was just a lame excuse to post a picture of Scott Speedman but unfortunately, he has his back turned here.

How's this?

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