Friday, May 21, 2010

My Lunch :: May 21st

It is ALMOST like I'm in New York. I made a batch of the spicy pork sausage ragout on Wednesday and my roomie brought back from NY my favorite Momofuku Milk Bar Cookie - cornflake-chocolate chip-marshmallow. Now all I need is some Apple Kimchi...

I have to say, this ragout is pretty much my all time favorite thing to make. The entire recipe calls for rice cakes, bok choy and tofu but lately I've just been making the pork sauce (it does look a lot like a bolognese...hence my ragout reference) and putting it on other stuff because unless you eat it right away, rice cakes get dry and it's just not too appetizing. You could also just eat the sauce by itself -that's how tasty it is, but since I eat at my desk in front of my coworkers, I thought it best not to eat ground pork sauce by the spoonful at work. Yesterday I mixed the sauce with some udon noodles - a natural pair since udon noodles are kind of similar to rice cakes. (Asian Spaghetti anyone?) Today I kind of made the original recipe by topping it with some boiled bok choy and a block of silken tofu. Also delicious but note to self: silken tofu is mad watery so you shouldn't pack it overnight in your bento. I didn't let all the drained water get me down though - it turned my lunch into a spicy tofu soup...kind of like soon du bu. Have I stumbled upon something great?! Me thinks so.

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