Sunday, March 28, 2010

Fed Up With School Lunch :: The School Lunch Project

The roommate tipped me off to a new blog in the US called Fed Up With School Lunch. An anonymous teacher in the midwest, Mrs. Q, is eating her public school's school lunch and secretly taking photos each day to show people what American kids are eating these days. I think this is a really great blog and am surprised that something like this hasn't popped up earlier. I just wrote about Japanese school lunch, which in contrast, is applauded (well...with the exception of whale meat which is sometimes found in parts of Japan) and hailed for its accessibility and focus on nutritional education.

Check out Mrs. Q's blog if you have a chance!


  1. Very interesting. It sound like a show that they started here called Food Revolution. Check it out if you can. Elementary school children don't know what a tomato looks like. It's sad really.

  2. I am a HUGE Jamie Oliver fan so I'm so happy to hear that he's taken an interest in the obesity problem in America. I wish I could watch that show here in Japan! Hopefully I can find it somewhere to download. Thanks for the tip!