Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Everyday Harumi :: Deep Fried Chicken with Spicy Leek Sauce

I'm in a big Japanese cooking phase right now for dinner and mostly using Everyday Harumi as my guide. I am finding that I'm saving a lot of money and also eating healthier. Granted yes, a lot of things are deep fried and seem to contain a lot of sodium from all the soy sauce, you eat a more diverse plate - meat, veggies and rice. Since I already stocked my kitchen with all the basic Japanese ingredients, I usually only need to pick up my protein and veggies at the grocery store. 

Last night I made deep fried chicken with a spicy leek sauce and a side of quick pickled cucumbers. I don't do a lot of deep frying and I have to say, I kind of hate it. It's kind of dangerous, scary and if something has a lot of butter or oil in it, I prefer not to see how it is made. As much as I love Paula Deen, it kind of makes me cringe. Don't get me wrong, I'll eat it and love it -- I want to be ignorant to the process. The chicken was really good -- once I threw out all the undercooked pieces. One thing I dislike about Everyday Harumi is that her instructions are sometimes vague. "Deep fry until cooked through and golden brown." Apparently, my definition of "golden brown" would give you salmonella. 
The pickles were pretty good, but I made it a little sweet. The recipe calls for sesame oil to taste and I would suggest a teeny tiny itsy bitsy drop of it.


  1. How long did you fry the chicken? I just saw Harumi's episode where she teaches this dish again with specific tips.. and she mentioned 5 minutes of frying. Does that sound about right? I was going to make this dish for dinner tonight. Thanks!

  2. Hi Tammie! That sounds about right but I guess it just depends. You'll know the chicken is done from the color of the batter. You want a deep golden brown. If the pieces are small enough, you shouldn't have to worry about undercooking, but let the chicken rest for 5-10 minutes after frying just to be sure. Hope it turns out great!