Sunday, March 7, 2010

Everday Harumi :: Tofu Steak

After the deep fried chicken, I decided to go vegetarian the next day. I really like tofu. I like the many textures it comes in - super silky to firm and crispy and I like both sweet and savory tofu dishes. I also like that you don't even have to cook it - I'm not so great with judging when meat is done. This is a really easy dish to make. The hardest part is handling the soft tofu from dredging to pan frying. It breaks easily so if you can make smaller "steaks", the better.

Everyday Harumi's recipe calls for banno sauce which is just mirin and soy sauce simmered together with kombu seaweed. The kombu thickens up the mixture, making it a little syrupy. If you don't want to make the banno, you can top the steaks with soy sauce.

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