Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Everyday Harumi :: Green Beans with Pork and Kinshi Tamago Crepes

My desire to experiment with new recipes comes in waves. Sometimes you want to try something new, but on busy weeks, you just want to make something easy and familiar. Every now and then though, you make something new that tastes like something old and homey. Tonight was one of those times. I dusted off my Everyday Harumi cook book and made a simple dish of white rice topped with green bean and minced pork. Super duper simple, healthy and oh so tastey. I suspect this will become a weeknight staple in my home. I enjoy her recipes because most are simple with few ingredients and they always make great leftovers for lunch.

To liven up the dish, and to use up some soon to be questionable eggs, I made kinshi tamago (egg) crepes. It's basically a very thing egg omelet that is then thinly sliced to make really delicate egg "threads". Egg omelets and scrambled eggs are popular bento options in Japan. I like the color it brings to your plate and they taste good too. They're sweet because of the sugar and light because of sake. Cooking them on a lower temp will help keep the bright yellow color.

I'm looking forward to my leftover bento lunch tomorrow!

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