Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Shaved Ice

It is hot as a fothermucker in Tokyo right now but I've gotten a little used to it. Here's a great link on how Japanese people keep cool in the summertime. (Shout out to Just Hungry, a great blog about Japanese cooking) I've really embraced keeping cool by eating Shaved Ice. I first discovered shaved ice in Oakland, CA on a fun filled high school trip with my girlfriends. It's cold, slightly creamy and there are all kinds of treasures along the way. Boba, mochi, beans, fruit - the list goes on.

I've had 2 in the last 2 days. The first was from a shaved ice truck on Omotesando (a long street filled with designer stores and trendy folk near Harajuku). I opted for the Adzuki Ice but they also offered Ichigo (strawberry) and Mango. This was a perfect treat and I kind of wanted to order another, but showed some restraint. The next day I went hiking up Mt. Takao and treated myself to a Strawberry shaved ice at the summit. I deserved it, right? This was slightly less satisfying taste wise because it lacked the treasures I mentioned above and also did not have condensed milk. I could (and have) drink condensed milk out of the can. Yum.

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