Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Here are some random photos I took of McDonald's and Burger King in Tokyo.

The marketing here is quite peculiar. Burger King has decided to promote something called the "Angry Whopper" which is spicy...thus angry. McDonald's on the other hand is going with making fun of white people to hawk their burgers. Point McDonald's. Apparently the Western world has gotten word, but I think most people will just find this funny, not offensive. (Thanks for the link Sarah!) A few things about McDonald's here:
  1. Much like the rest of Japan, McDonald's is clean and friendly. So much so, that when my McNuggets were not ready to be served, they asked me to find a seat upstairs and brought me my piping hot McNuggets waiter style.
  2. They still deep fry their Apple Turnovers. A friend of mine kept telling me this and to be honest, at the time, I didn't find it that interesting. But I finally ordered one and realized what I'd been missing ever since McDonald's USA changed to a baked apple turnover. Amazing!
  3. They have monthly specials that change according to the season. During the World Baseball Classic, they served a McHotdog until 11:30am. Hot dogs because of baseball and only to 11:30am because the games were shown in the morning. They are currently hawking the Tamago Double Mac - double mac with an egg.
  4. His name is Donald McDonald in Japan.

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  1. The deep fried McD's apple turnover is pretty much the reason I hate the "healthy eating" craze in America. When I went to Brazil we kept demanding to go to McDs because they still deep fried them.

    Also, I will be calling a certain someone "Donald McDonald" from now on.