Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ko Here I Come

Ladies and gentleman, I scored a reservation at Momofuku Ko. After 8 failed attempts, I finally did it. My index finger is a little sore and I may need to get a new mouse but it was totally worth it. For those of you that aren't familiar, Ko has an online reservation system that is reminiscent of Ticketmaster in the early 90's. You have to log in at exactly 10am to have a shot at one of the 12 seat available 7 days out. Your heart races, you wait for the clock to turn to 9am and you incessantly refresh the page with your state-of-the-art dial up internet service provided by Prodigy. All you wanted was to see *nsync in concert but nOOooOO, those damn ticket scalpers beat you to the punch with their crazy hacking systems. Heartbreak.

This is so much better than sitting front row center for *nysnc. Like, waaaay better. Next Monday at 7:40 PM, I will sit down in front of the Momofuku Ko Executive Chef and he will feed me and my companion to be named later, what I suspect to be a spectacular meal of magical goodness.

For those of you wishing to get reservations of your own, I highly reccommend this tutorial on how to get a resi, brought to you by Deep Fried Kimchee.

Update: My reservation has been changed to this Thursday at 7:10pm so you'll get a full review Friday!

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