Monday, June 29, 2009

Fancy Booze Bars

I'm not a big drinker. I can't have beer because it makes my muscles cramp and I feel like I want to die. Wine makes me want to sleep IMMEDIATELY. This leaves me with liquor which can be expensive depending on where you are and additionally, I get very drunk very quickly which is great sometimes, but not always. I can tell you a lot about restaurants and food in New York, but bars not so much -- I've either never been there or got so drunk I don't remember where it was.

But since it's the beginning of the summer, I've been going out a little bit more and have done some exploring with friends. This past weekend, I ended up at Mayahuel at the suggestion of a friend. This place blew me away! It is a tequila bar, which sounds pretty scary, but it's low key and the decor is definitely something to be admired. I had a smoky/sweet/spicy drink called the Watermelon Sugar (it wasn't bad, but I wouldn't go back for another) and a rose sangria/strawberry infused tequila/elderberry drink called La Vida Rosa. I could sip on this all day long - delicious! Last weekend, after seeing The America Ballet Theater's La Sylphide, my gal pals and I went to the Russian Samovar. They serve tasty Russian fare and house infused vodka by the carafe. We had the raspberry, cranberry and pomegranate. They were all good, but the last was the best by far. The shots went down smoothly to the live piano and impromptu tango dancing. Though it could get expensive, this would be a great place for groups.

I really can't talk about tasty drinks in New York without talking about The Rusty Knot. A small bar on the West Side Highway, this place is peculiar. It's decorated to look like your father's tiki den but the drinks are affordable and tasty. Their signature drink is called The Rusty Knot and it's a blended drink with house made sour mix, mint and rum. To call it a blended mojito would not do it justice. I highly doubt I'll ever find a drink that will knock The Rusty Knot off of it's pedestal, but I guess I'll keep looking just in case.

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