Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Soba Squidward Style

This weekend, I spent a day with some girlfriends in Saitama, the suburbs of Tokyo. The area we traveled to was known to have really good soba, so I picked up some fresh noodles as a souvenir. Souvenirs you can eat are pretty much the only kind you should ever both with.

Squidward doesn't cook much. The kitchen is my domain with the exception of PBJ sandwiches on Fitness Bread and the occasional fried egg. No complaints, that's just how things shake out in this house. But every chef, professional and amateur, has a signiture dish and soba noodles with bean sprouts and a fried egg is Squidward's. Simple and delicious, I was treated to this masterpiece on the first day of the rainy season in Japan. This, coupled with a Japan winning their World Cup opener made for a lovely evening.

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