Saturday, June 19, 2010

Beer Girls

Baseball games in Japan are a trip. It's like going to a baseball game in your dreams. You are totally aware of what is going on - the game they play is exactly the same as the MLB, but they use funny Japanized baseball terms. Common things you will hear at a baseball game:

  • "Fine Play!" = Nice play!
  • "Getsu" = Get two, or what it's REALLY called, a double play
  • "Chansu!" = Chance. I think it means that you have baserunners in scoring position.
  • A lot of organized chanting and singing from the outfield = This isn't something that a lot of people are used to, but I'm an A's fan, so this is totally normal to me. However, I have to say, Japanese baseball fans put the A's guys to shame. Their songs are super elaborate and sung right on cue and in unison. They have a pretty good sense of humor too. For the Canadian player Aaron Guiel, they sing "Oh, Canada"
Other things that are awesome at Japanese baseball games? No cutoff on beer sales, the end of inning trash collector and of course, the adorable draft beer girls. These gals (and guys) probably have a better workout during the game than the players on the field. They climb up and down the stadium non-stop with a keg strapped to their backs - all while looking cute and smiling. Now that is commitment.

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