Wednesday, June 9, 2010


My beautiful, silly and talented friend introduced me to Recipe Look. It's an adorable site that posts drawings of recipes. The majority of the recipes are sent in by readers and I was so smitten by the idea that I decided to try drawing out on of my favorite recipes of late, Kimchi Yakiudon.

I quite enjoy doodling. And as this blog shows, I also enjoy food. So...what happened when the two made sweet sweet love at my dining room table this evening? 

Presenting my very first foodle: 

Doodling foodstuffs is way hard yo! The easiest thing for me to doodle was the pig face because I've been doing that since I was a super wee one. (Because I was born in the year of the pig -- I will tell you a great pig story one day...) The hardest? The bean sprouts and the finished product which I didn't even try to put to paper. As tasty as kimchi yakiudon is, it kind of looks like red puke. Sorry. 

Anyhooooodle (ha!) I did send this to Recipe Look and I hope they like it! Even if they don't, I won't cry because it was super fun to do and I suggest everyone give it a try. Now put down your laptop and go foodle yourself. 

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