Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Japan Global Fest

We had some very nice weather this weekend in Tokyo so Roomie and I took a stroll through Hibiya Koen (Hibiya Park). One of my favorite things about Tokyo is the quantity and quality of parks in the city. However, the last time we were at a park in Tokyo, we were accosted by this man. This park outing had a much more pleasant ending, as we stumbled upon a Global Festival. Japan Global Fest 2009 to be exact. The festival was packed with tons of booths from around the world. Everyone was very friendly and overall, it was a great atmosphere. The global food didn't hurt either. We started the fest off with Banana/Chocolate Samosas with a Chai Tea and ended with Sri Lankin Curry with Fried Noodles. (That sign in the background says "Suri Ranka Kare with Furaido Nu-doru" in Katakana)

Sadly the Vietnamese food booth ran out of coffee, but they did have some funny looking Banh Mi. I decided to pass but didn't come away completely empty handed. I bought this lovely Vietnamese nose flute. I'm not sure if this instrument was totally made up by Japanese people because I have never seen this ever in my life, which really is a shame because I feel like I could have made a nice career out of it.

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