Monday, October 5, 2009

Chicken Noodle Soup

If you love being in the kitchen, there are a few appliances that you just dream of having. Blame Giada for that. She makes a salt and pepper grinder look so sexy! (Even with those creepy tiny hands) Maybe it is my not so subtle hints to basically anyone I come across, but I have been blessed to accumulate a few of those blue chip items in my kitchen. To show you how serious I am about my kitchen accessories, when I moved from New York to Tokyo, the first and only thing I shipped directly to Japan was my beautiful Blue Betty Cuisinart Stand Mixer. It cost me a fortune but if I could have flown her first class, you bet I would have. I love you girl!

A few weeks ago, Betty got a new friend. Meet Ruby Red.

Ruby is my new beautiful Le Creuset Dutch Oven compliments of The Roommate. (Awww!) Since Roomie was the one to fulfill my latest kitchen fantasy (and also picked the color, fyi), he was given the honor of choosing the first of many dishes made with Ruby. His choice? Chicken Noodle Soup from scratch. Canned broth and bouillon cubes need not apply, this was a true home cooked meal. As with all my plans in Japan, nothing went smoothly and yet everything worked out just fine. Finding a whole chicken carcass was difficult. I tracked one down but it was frozen and $60. I opted to make the stock with random cuts of chicken but this was very stressful since the only bones I used were tiny wings and legs. To my surprise, the stock was very flavorful after 3 hours on the stove.

A good trick I picked up from the internets: when you make the soup, first saute the chicken meat with about 2 tablespoons of butter, then add the veggies. Julia Childs would be proud.

Though time intensive, this will be a staple in the kitchen since chicken noodle soup is hard to find in Japan. If you're interested, here are the recipes I used:

Stock :: (They used chicken broth, but I just used water)

Soup ::

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