Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My Lunch :: Sept 16 :: Zoka Coffee Roaster

Mushroom quiche and an apple spritzer from Zoka Coffee Roaster. Tempted to try their salted caramel latte next...I am quite familiar with Zoka as I am a UW Husky and Zoka's original shop is in the U-District in Seattle. I used to study there and often saw Dave Matthews sippin' on some coffee and being bald. Most Japanese people dislike the taste of strong coffee, but better cafes and baristas are popping up in Tokyo which is a good sign. There are 3 Zokas in Tokyo but I have only been to the one in Akasaka Mitsuke, which is right behind the Akasaka Mitsuke station on Sotobori Dori.

Zoka Coffee Roaster

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