Monday, September 14, 2009

My Lunch :: Sept 14 :: Lotteria

I've been meaning to try out Lotteria for quite some time now. Now I know I wasn't missing anything. I tweeted today, that Lotteria is Korea's version of McDonald's. It is not. I would never dis Donald McDonald like that. Lotteria is more like...hmm...ok there's no comparable American counterpart because Americans know how to burger. In my opinion, Carl's Jr makes the WORST burger in America, but I'd eat those for a year over Lotteria. I can't stress to you how thin my patty of meat was. Barely visible because it was hidden behind an inch of lettuce and mayo. Blech. Fries were ok but not good enough to save this meal. Lotteria's parent company is Lotte which is a huge Korean conglomerate. They make pretty ok gum. They should stick to gum.

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