Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Chip! Chop!

One of the worst and best things about being in a foreign country is not knowing what products are good and which are crap. You basically have to learn by trial and error. For example, I keep buying absolutely disgusting toothpaste. What exactly does "Extreme Cool" taste like and is it better than "Icy Fire"? Only one way to find out. (PS - both are gross.)

To make things easier on myself, I've decided to become a complete slave to marketing and advertising. Back home, I drowned out all the lame messages on the subway and on TV, but here I'm all ears. It's worked out pretty well thus far. I got an iPhone because of that schnazzy SMAP Softbank commercial, I drink BOSS Coffee because Tommy Lee Jones is on the can and generally stick to Suntory drink products because well, "For relaxing time, make it a Suntory time." One of my favorite finds thus far is a chocolate snack called Chip Chop. They're slightly salty like potato chips, but chocolate flavored. If you watch the current commercial below, you'll understand why I had to have them.

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