Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Cleaning Out the Kitchen :: Quinoa and Fried Onions

Lemon-y Quinoa with parsley and pine nuts (made it up)
Paprika dusted salmon with mint mango salsa (mom's recipe)
Spicy Broccoli in olive oil and fried onions (tried to copy a dish i liked from a restaurant)

I'm especially proud of this meal because it helped me get rid of an entire package of quinoa and the last of my fried garlic, plus it was a healthy Sunday night meal. Even though I hardly ever used it, I'm really going to miss our Japanese fish fryer. It is the epitome of "set it and forget it. Marinate your fish however you like, then turn on the fish fryer and it does the rest - 8 minutes later, you'll have a perfectly cooked and crusted fish filet. 

Shout out to the black flower coaster my mom just crocheted me. 

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