Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Excuses, Excuses. New York, New York.

Yes, it has been a really long time since I've updated this blog. I've been busy! It's hot! I don't like food anymore! Ok, that last one is a giant lie but the first two are true. Since I last posted, I went to New York for a week for an amazing vacation with my beloved friends and family and the temperatures have creeped up to the 90's in a power saving post nuclear meltdown Japan. I also took the JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) a few weeks ago, so any time not working or sleeping was spent studying kanji and grammar. Blech.

All these variables mixed together not only equals an abandoned blog, but also an abandoned kitchen. Sadly, I haven't cooked a single thing since early June. Bad girl! Actually, truth be told, I just made Muddy Buddies 5 minutes ago in the microwave and now look like I just got out of an intense session of Bikram Yoga.

But enough complaining! New York was perfect. I saw some of my most favorite people in the world and ate amazingly well. A perfect mix of old and new. The highlight would have to be conquering the
Bo Ssäm at Momofuku. This is the dish that really but David Chang on the map. A whole pork butt perfectly braised in a sweet brown sugar brine for 6-7 hours served with lettuce, kimchi and oysters. As with most things at Momofuku, I highly recommend it. Since it is such a labor intensive dish, you have to order it in advanced and make a reservation with at least 6 people. We had 7 hungry boys and 3 Asian girls that know how to eat tackling this butt and I am proud to say that we polished it off nicely. As I always (never) say, never leave any butt on the table. 

This may be my 3rd or 4th ode to NY eating picture show and it just never gets old...at least for me. 

Vanilla Mr Softee with Olive Oil and Sea Salt from The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck. I might start trying to make this at home. So simple! So yummy!

You just don't see cheese like this in Japan. Ultra milky, creamy Burrata Caprese from Bar Pitti

Oh The Donut Pub. I have had so many wonderful late night stops at this 24-hour donut shop on 14th Street. I used to have taxis drop me off here and walk home happily, stuffing my face with a Maple Bar or 2. I was the vision of beauty.  

I don't remember taking this photo or eat/ordering any of these pizzas which means it was a very fun night. 

Murray's! My favorite bagel. Whole Wheat everything with sun dried tomato cream cheese. The coconut water was a failed attempt to erase any ill effects of the even before. Natural electrolytes my ass. 

If you really want to cure a hangover, everyone knows you need to eat a cheese burger! And fries! And a strawberry milkshake! All from the Shake Shack. Those things are popping up everywhere and I'm totally ok with that. 

And here we go. Momofoku Ssam Bar, 11pm reservation for 10. They handed us menus but our food had been ordered two weeks prior. First up, oysters. 

Followed by this beautiful thing. 1 whole pork butt that melts in your mouth. 

Granted, I have small weird hands, but this kind of shows you how large it was. 

Wrap it up in some crisp lettuce and sprinkle some kimchi - somehow, it makes it seems somewhat healthy. Bwwahahaha. 

Truckin' along. Not too shabby. 

And bam! Done. Totally impressed. 

You would think that after a late dinner of pork and drinking I'd still be stuffed by morning. But no. I strolled over to my old favorite morning hang out 'Snice (for the record, I hate the name of this place) for a Nutella and banana sandwich. 

Cereal Milk soft serve from Momofuku Milk Bar. These too are popping up everywhere. 

And what the hell, why not stop by Momofuku again for an afternoon drink before flying out? This sake was one of the best I've ever had and sadly, it is made especially for David Chang and his gang of restaurants so I can't get it in Japan. Ironic. 

Non-food things that were delicious on this trip: 
  • Seeing my mom and dad during their cross-country road trip
  • Helping a dear friend shop for her beautiful wedding dress
  • Alexander McQueen Met Exhibit
  • Duty Free Shopping
  • Walking down the extended Highline
  • Exploring more of Brooklyn
  • Depositing my hard earned Yen into my US Bank Account
  • ANA In-Flight Entertainment

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