Sunday, May 22, 2011

Fried Chicken Carnival + Random Japan

Last weekend, in an attempt to cure a wicked hangover, Blammo and I went to the Karaage Carnival in Yebisu Garden Place. Simply put, karaage is friend chicken. But in Japan, it is coated with a very flavorful batter usually consisting of soy sauce and a lot of pepper, perfectly fried and very popular. Another popular thing in Japan are food "Grand Prix" competitions where cooks from around the country gather to compete for the title of best (some type of food) in Japan. This Carnival gathered the top 6 finishers at the Fried Chicken Grand Prix 2011 so that people in Tokyo could sample the very best.
Basic karaage - salty, crunchy, good. 

This being Japan, fried chicken is eaten with chopsticks. 

A miso flavored thigh. 

My favorite of the bunch - tebasaki - a specialty of Nagoya. 

A dangerous looking wing. 

It was a fun day but unfortunately, the chicken did nothing but make me feel even more unhealthy and disgusting. 

Other random sights from the weekend - a giant Monchichi roaming the streets of Ginza. 

Sure, OK. Typical Sunday afternoon in Japan. 

A ferret on a leash. Of course. 

Giant Koi fish in Kanda at a not-well publicized cancellation of the Kanda Spring Festival. 


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