Sunday, May 22, 2011

ABC Cooking School :: A to Z (with a few missing in between)

This isn't actually new news, but I finished my basic bread baking course at ABC Cooking School this past winter. 27 breads - some good, some bad - all under my belt. I really enjoyed my Monday night classes with ABC Cooking School and our favorite teacher, Abe-sensei. So much so, that I signed up for the Master Course. It sounds like a fancy name, but I think it's just a marketing thing. The other options were "Twinkle Course" and "Club Riche". At some point, I'll be making a real baguette and croissants. Hoorah! Now that, in theory, I've know the right kneading and shaping techniques from the Basic course, I can really get some good practice in during the Master Course. At least I hope. If not, it's just more casual/awkward Japanese language practice for me.

I wish I had been more diligent about taking pictures of all the breads we made. Some of them were pretty boring so at the time, I didn't see a reason to document the non-event. In any case, here's a little taste of what the last 9 months of Mondays looked like for me:

A - Kabocha and Paprika Gallette

B - Maple Almond

F - Berry Cream Cheese

G - Spicy Tomato Hearts

K - Pain de Mie

M - Wiener Branch (a personal fave both in name and flavor)

N - Twin (?) Cream Kuchen

O - Honey Cinnamon

P - Pizza Tomato & Anchovy Sauce

V - Mille Tea Raisin (Maybe? I can't figure out the translation on this one) 

X - Stollen 

Y - Cream Custard Pie 

Master Classes 

My first Master class - a Japanese classic! Mushipan (steamed bread...think steam buns) These were mugwort flavor, hence the green color. 

Another Japanese stable, Curry Pan! Fried bread with a curry filling. 

ABC Cooking Studio Review: If you're interested in taking classes at ABC Cooking School and you live in Tokyo, I suggest visiting the Tokyo Midtown branch. They do offer 1-Day Classes conducted in English, so they have a few teachers there that can answer any questions you may have. Aside from the very first bread class which I took with an English speaking teacher, the rest of my experience at ABC Cooking School was all in Japanese. But really, my Japanese is Upper Beginner at best and it wasn't a problem. Monkey see, monkey do and once you get a hang of it, you'll fit right in and learn a lot of Japanese along the way. I would recommend their classes and courses if you're interested in cooking and mingling with Japanese girlfriends and housewives. 


  1. Hi, I saw your blog from searching & it brought me here. How Do you have visa considering you took their 8 mths bread course. Do they have recommended accommodation, I went to their blog seem not working...
    Good Luck

    1. Hi! ABC isn't a full culinary school by any means. In my opinion, it's great if cooking or baking is your hobby. If you're really looking for a cooking school, there are better ones in Japan. I had a visa through my work. I dont' think ABC does any kind of sponsorship for students. Hope that helps! xx K