Sunday, December 5, 2010

Tokyo Midtown :: Designed to Blow Your Mind

If you're ever in Tokyo, I highly recommend stopping by Tokyo Midtown. You will most likely make your way to the Roppongi neighborhood to check out Roppongi Hills. Tokyo Midtown isn't that far away and in my opinion, there's a lot more to see and do here. First of all, it's where I take bread classes at ABC Cooking Studio. On the weekends, ABC offers 1-day English cooking lessons where you can learn how to make some Japanese dishes but they're only offered at the Tokyo Midtown location. Second, Tokyo Midtown is a great place to pick up not-cheesy souvenirs. It's a design nerd's wet dream and they're always hosting interesting art and design exhibits on the premises.  

Their annual Design Touch event took place last month and I took a few pictures of one of the cooler displays. Basically, a computer takes a picture of you and prints your silhouette on black adhesive sticky tape. Sponsored by Epson, the idea was to have people put their shadows up on a wall with a message about what they cared most about in the world, such as the environment or community. It was a really cute idea, even though most people ignored the whole social message angle. 

Currently running at Tokyo Midtown is their holiday light show. Oh man. It is BONKERS. Most Japanese people don't even celebrate Christmas, but boy do they love holiday decorations. And this being Japan, they took the original idea, flipped it on it's head and made it bigger, over the top and totally fun.  A few weeks ago, I was stopped dead in my tracks when I turned the corner and saw the incredible light show taking place. The garden lights run every night until December 26th from 5pm - 11:00pm. Here is a description of their concept:

In a large grassy space of around 2,000 square meters, 250,000 blue and white LED lights represent the vastness of space and the night sky.

I don't know what the vastness of space has to do with Christmas, but I don't care! It's gorgeous! People, there's dry ice and fake shooting stars! Pictures really don't do it justice. And the holiday cheer doesn't stop there. There are Scandinavian Christmas shops, red "cracker" streamers draping from the ceiling and lights everywhere. Perhaps you won't be in Tokyo this holiday season, so here's a little preview of what you're missing:  

Infinite box of lights that will make you feel like you're in a Madonna video. 

 Happy Holidays!

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