Monday, November 29, 2010

Tokyo Five Foot Runner :: Week 3

Week 3 was a lot like week 2, but a wee bit harder. It seems as though my excitement is wearing off and my muscles are wearing down. That makes for a bit of a nasty combination, but I did my best to surge on and was rewarded by a somewhat inspiring long run yesterday. Another 10K but this week it felt easier and much less daunting. So, while I got off to a rocky start, things took a turn for the better. Why? Perhaps it was all the Thanksgiving goodies I treated myself to. Nothing will fuel your desire to exercise more than guilt and shame.

The biggest banana ice cream sundae in Japan at the Chelsea Cafe in Shinjuku. 

Addictive Bran Muffins with Bird Seed Topping from the Flour Bakery cookbook. Out of all the scrumptious, buttery, American looking things in the book, the first one I wanted to make most was the Bran Muffins. I need to eat hearty and healthy meals for my weekly runs and this recipe just called out to me. They didn't disappoint.

This week's ABC Cooking Studio Bread :: Pizza! 

Tuesday was a holiday in Japan, so Monday night, Blammo and I had some really good sushi below his place of business. On the left, medium fatty tuna (chutoro) and on the right, fish roe (ikura) and rice. I'm always really surprised at how full you can get eating sushi. 

Sunday Night Dinner and a movie :: POT PIE! People really love pot pie. My sister is a big fan and I've been missing her a lot lately. Bags - this ones for you. 

 Except not really, because this one's for me. It has a K on it. The movie by the way, was The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Takeaways: 

1. Swedish is a weird language. It sounds like a dutch spoken like Italian. 
2. Men who hate women deserve what's comin' to them. 
3. This is not a great movie to watch while eating dinner. 
4. It is refreshing to watch a non-Hollywood movie now and again. People have wrinkles. Lots of them. 

Can't get enough of that creme fraiche. Whipped with a little sugar and some strawberries. Happy Sunday. It almost made me forget that Monday is pretty much here. 

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