Wednesday, November 17, 2010

No Big Deal (and A Nagging Question Answered)

Hey, remember 5 minutes ago when I told you about how I randomly email bakers and cookbook authors? Well, I just got another email from her. Ok, was unsolicited. I emailed her a picture of the cookies I baked up (her website specifically requests that you do so! I'm not weird at ALL.) Then randomly decided to follow her on Twitter, because, duh...that's what stalkers do. And...

Ok sure, maybe I'm not "trending" or whatever, but this is a major coup for me and my tiny kitchen.

In my email, I also slipped in a question about what I should use in place of All-Purpose Flour. They sell many kinds of flour in Japan, but All-Purpose is not one of them. I've been using a 50/50 mix of bread flour, which is high in protein and cake flour, which has a lower protein content. It's been working pretty well, but I wanted to hear it from a professional. So, what's the verdict?

Hi Kimberly- these cookies look incredible! I think you've made a perfect substitute for all-purpose. That should give you approximately the right protein content. The proof is in the pudding- how were the cookies??
Thanks for sending along pics!

So there you have it. 50/50 it is!

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