Saturday, February 27, 2010

Cooking With Dog :: Learn How to Cook Japanese Food

Awhile back, I decided to learn how to make gyoza, Chinese fried dumplings that are very popular in Japan. My freezer has never been without a bag of frozen Trader Joe's (err..Trader Ming's) gyoza since they're quick to reheat and make for a satisfying snack or meal.

Making gyoza is really easy, up until the part where you have to fold the dumplings shut. This takes practice. That's all I can really say. I owe YouTube channel Cooking With Dog a big thank you for teaching me how to fold a proper gyoza. I've never subscribed to a YouTube channel before...I didn't even know there were YouTube Channels, but Cooking With Dog and its host Francis is great. Each video is about 4 minutes long and shows you all the steps in making traditional Japanese dishes such as gyoza, sushi, mochi, dorayaki and tonkatsu...which is neat, because you rarely get to see how these things are made. It is set to lovely classical music and is narrated in English by Francis. 

Francis by the way is a dog. His English is pretty good for both a dog and a Japanese person. Watching Cooking with Dog makes me miss my dogs back home (shout out to Bronco and Chase...RIP FOXBOT) So much so that yesterday, I went to the bookstore and looked at Corgi magazines for an hour then stopped by pet shop called Wan's Style in Roppongi to stalk the sedated puppies. "Wan" by the way is the noise Japanese people hear when dogs bark - it is their "woof woof". I have a dream of one day owning a dog and naming him Wan. I hope this dream comes true one day...but somebody is standing in my way. 

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