Tuesday, May 26, 2009

New York, New York

It's always really great when friends and family come to visit in New York. Lots of catching up, inside jokes and warm fuzzies all around. You also have an excuse to show off all the amazing food in New York. Depending on who is visiting, your game plan could vary. Mom and Dad in town? Best to keep it safe. Foodie friend visiting? The Momofukus are a must. First time in New York? You may need to suck it up and do a tour of pizza joints and Gray's Papaya.

This weekend, I had friends from college in town and I have to say, we managed to put together the perfect New York food tour.

That's a pretty impressive list if you don't mind me saying. The best part is that everyone had a different favorite meal and others couldn't even choose. For the record, my favorite was the spinach and artichoke pizza at Artichoke. Never had it and haven't stopped thinking about it since...


  1. All that and I managed to consume a bag of chips, a bag of pretzels, a box of cookies, and half a bag of gummy bears at Danielle's in between meal times. I still can't pick a fav but that shake was ri-donk-ulous. And spaghetti for breakfast is always appreciated. Lastly, I think the volcano blast should count as a food line item, somehow.

    Thanks for food touring me!!

  2. I'm a little upset that I missed out on 16 Handles...but the rest of the food tour was AMAZING! I can't stop thinking about the burgers at Shake Shack and that Artichoke Pizza was pretty good too. Thanks for introducing us to all of these places!

  3. How is it that I've come to NYC to visit you a half dozen times and we've only gone to 3 of these places?

    Why you holding out on me?