Thursday, March 1, 2012

Hong Kong, I'm Here

I have to be honest. I kind of hate the blogger platform. I was just tooling around with Tumblr and was oh so tempted to jump ship, but then I realized that I've had this blog for FOUR YEARs. That's an amazing feat for someone like me. I've kept this up from New York, San Francisco and Tokyo, why stop now, right? 

So here I am. In Hong Kong. Bloggin' away. My first impressions of the city are mostly positive. The vibe of the city feels very downtown New York (both Tribeca banker fancy and Lower East Side gritty) with a touch of SF Chinatown thrown in the mix (sassy old people and hills). I think I'm going to like it here though I'm sure, just like with Tokyo, there will be days I absolutely hate it. So bear with me! 

1 comment:

  1. Here goes nothing! Enjoy every second and keep us all posted!