Tuesday, August 2, 2011

ABC Cooking School :: Dutch Crust

I finished the basic bread course at ABC in the Spring and am now onto the Master Course. These breads are, in theory, more difficult than the basic set, but they're actually not that hard. Each month focuses on a thee or technique. July was French bread month, so obviously I made...Dutch Crust rolls? No matter, I love this bread. My dad would occasionally buy dutch crust rolls on the weekends for our weekly German brunches. 

So, to honor that tradition, the 6 Foot Eater and I made sandwiches for dinner after class. There's nothing like a sandwich made with right out of the oven bread. 

** Yes, that is another nickname change for the boyfriend formally known as Squidward and Blammo. He would like me to point out that he is actually 6'1". 

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