Monday, October 18, 2010

Things That Are Awesome About America

Colonial America. You know, growing up out west, you really get robbed of the whole Colonial living experience. Basically, it is awesome and now I want to go on a rode trip down the East Coast. 
Gray's Papaya hot dogs with a side of papaya juice. Eaten standing up at the counter, people watching. 
Deep fried foods. Covered with sugar. Or candy. Or both. 
Honey Nut Cheerios. 
I heard this song a lot. And I like it. A lot. 

Banh Mi Sandwiches. Everyone has their favorite place and mine just so happens to be Paris Bakery on Mott in New York. Fresh baked bread every hour! 
Sandwiches! Check out this open faced chicken salad melt with bacon from Grey Dog Cafe in NYC. 
The Caprese Piadine from Tomatina in Walnut Creek, CA. It never gets old. 
Diet Coke. Not Coke Zero. Not Coke Light. DIET COKE. 

Homemade Sandwiches. A pre-wedding meal for the bridesmaids. What nice groomsmen! 
Bouchon Bakery. Who says you have to be french to make insanely good French treats?!

Nothing says Autumn like caramel apples. Already cut up and sprinkled with peanuts is so genius. 
Wine! We make some damn good wine. Again, eat it France! (errr...drink it France?)
Good deals. On really big Sandwiches. 
That someone at Hostess thought it wise to name this product GLO Balls..well, I tip my hat to you America. You did me proud. 

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