Wednesday, July 7, 2010

World Cup Treats

Once Mama's was knocked off my list, I moved on quickly to my (very close) second favorite SF establishment, Tartine. The line at Tartine actually isn't that bad. It moves quickly and there's lots to oggle at while you're standing around. Delicious buttery treats, inventive sandwiches, inappropriate morning cleavage and wannabes rolling their own cigarettes.
Thankfully my sister lives just down the street from the bakery (LUCKY GIRL) so we loaded up on some pastries and headed home for some World Cup soccer. Can it get any better?

The answer is an emphatic "FUCK YEAH!". How about a day in Inverness, CA with your best college gal pals? OK! My trip fortuitously coincided with my girlfriends' summer vacation week in Inverness, a mere 2 hours from my hometown. I trucked up to their rental early for breakfast and some USA soccer. It was the perfect day minus 3 things: 

1. The US lost. 
2. I cut my throat on an ambitious but delicious bacon pancake sandwich. 
3. It had to end. 

I mean, c'mon...we made peanut butter s'mores!!! And friendship bracelets!!!

Next?  The next morning, my cousin and her German husband came over bright and early to watch Germany embarrass England. My cousin was too nervous to watch so she whipped up fresh berry and peach crepes for everyone. This was a lovely start to a family BBQ day starring 30lbs of kalbi, ice cream, kimchi burgers and homemade apple pie.

Germany plays Spain today. Honestly, I like both teams but am CLEARLY rooting for Der Mannschaft.  What will I be eating? Considering the game is on at 3am in Japan...I'm just not sure but I do have one last piece of Baumkuchen in the fridge waiting to be eaten when Germany wins the World Cup!


  1. WOOHOO! / WAHH!! Thanks again for coming, sorry about the aggressive bacon. Go Germany! (PS this post should probably include your 'dancing alone to pony' video, right?)